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Shop Safe Online with Credit Cards - Read more about safe shopping with credit cards

Friday January 1, 2010
On the internet you can buy anything. You name it and you can find it for sal ...

Visa credit cards opting for smart chip in new year

Friday December 4, 2009
Change to PIN security for Visa credit cards products

RBA September reports higher credit card usage

Tuesday November 24, 2009
Australians return to credit cards for spending habits

RBA reports latest usage figures for Australian credit cards

Tuesday October 20, 2009
Latest statistics for Australian credit cards, debit cards and usage

New rewards and benefits with credit cards from Commonwealth Bank

Wednesday October 7, 2009
Commonwealth Bank introduces new rewards and benefits with two new credit cards

New limited time offer for the Citibank Platinum credit card

Wednesday September 30, 2009
Receive 20,000 Frequent Flyer points with the Citibank Platinum credit card for limited time only

Credit cards contactless new technology launched

Thursday September 24, 2009
New credit card contactless technology launched by NAB and Visa

ANZ and MySpace join to create the Recharge credit card

Thursday September 3, 2009
New recharge credit card offer for MySpace users

US man accused of stealing 130 million credit card numbers

Tuesday August 18, 2009
US Justice Department charges man with largest alleged credit and debit card data theft ever

Credit card contracts to be made "user friendly"

Monday August 3, 2009
New Code of Practice will enforce easy-to-understand contracts

Choosing the right Student Credit Cards and Debit Cards

Tuesday July 7, 2009
What is a Student Credit Card and Debit Card and how do they differ

Credit cards habits adapting to GFC

Wednesday July 1, 2009
Figures show Australian credit cards spending habits are changing to suit the new pressures of the Global Financial Crisis with new trends emerging

The difference with Gold and Platinum Credit Cards

Friday June 26, 2009
Gold and Platinum credit cards offer excellent rewards for credit card customers

Interest rates on credit cards rise and...don't fall

Tuesday June 23, 2009
Credit cards rates have risen in unison with official rates but have not follow suit when declining

Online credit cards and banking protection

Friday June 19, 2009
The majority of credit card and banking transactions are now performed online, what measures you should take to protect yourself

Gen Y turning away from credit as financial crisis hits harder

Monday June 15, 2009
Survey reports Gen Y shifting to savings

Bank Fees Income Reaches $11.6 Billion

Friday May 22, 2009
RBA results show massive increase in fees income

Australian credit cards climb to unprecedented debt levels of $45.4 billion

Wednesday April 29, 2009
Australians are making fewer repayments on their credit cards in face of recession

Citibank Clear Platinum credit card gives platinum rewards on low rates

Monday April 27, 2009
Citibank Clear Platinum credit card offers customers platinum credit cards rewards low interest rate, but only for a limited time

Cut Credit Card Costs

Thursday April 16, 2009
Discover ways you can save money on your credit card