Diners Club Card

The earliest history of credit cards can be traced back to the late 1700's, but the credit card as we know it today was developed into its current state by Diners Club International. Founded in 1950 by Frank McNamara, Ralph Schneider and Casey Taylor, the company is tagged as the very first "independent" credit card company in the world.

How Diners Club International Started

During the 1950's, Diners Club International was the first company to introduce the concept of using one card which can be used to pay different merchants. Initially, there were 200 Diners Club cards issued to customers who are mostly business executives who often dine out with their colleagues to conduct business meetings. Back then, the Diners Club cards were only honored in about twenty business establishments including restaurants.

Later on, the number grew to 20,000 Diners Club card owners. Over the years, Diners Club International faced a slew of competitors as the credit card industry prospered, but the company has managed to surpass these challenges in business.

Today, Diners Club cards are accepted at over 13 million business establishments.

Why Use Diners Club Card?

For Diners Club credit card holders in Australia, there is a wide array of benefits that you can take advantage of. For the mere act of using Diners Club card to pay for your dinner, you can get as discounted rates on a bottle of wine. Golfers will surely love the extra services provided by Diners Club International, where golfing events and holidays will be organized for you.

When you use your Diners Club card to book flights, you can get a 90-day insurance called Purchase Protection. There is also the Air Travel Inconvenience Insurance and the Club Assistance Worldwide Emergency Help Service, and member lounges services which is offered to Diners Club card holders.

Finally, you can withdraw cash from any ATM machine with a Cirrus network logo, from over 120 countries in the world. Aside from personal credit cards, Diners Club International also offers membership accounts to companies which come in the form of Diners Club Corporate Card and the Diners Club Business Card.

With over five decades of experience behind them, it is definitely a good financial decision to make use of Diners Club cards for your financial transactions. The wide array of rewards that they provide to their customers from all over the world is proof enough that charging your purchases against Diner Club cards is a good business move.